Training of Sara, Arc 1

Training of Sara


“Again,” he said in an even tone.

Fingers numb, Sara adjusted her grip on the vibrator. Her moans and the buzzing of the vibrator were the only noises in the room. Exhausted from three orgasms, Sara wanted a break, but knew what his answer would be; an even toned “again.”

Fighting off fatigue, mental distraction, and her numb fingers Sara worked on her current hurdle, the fourth orgasm. Closing her eyes, her legs began to cramp. Despite the cramp, Sara tried to find the “right spot.” Sara held the vibrator against the side of her clit direct stimulation was too intense. The leg cramps intensified. Holding the vibrator in place, she stretched one leg, then the other.

Sara moved the vibrator in tiny circles next to her clit. Slowly, the vibrator moved from the side to the tip of her clit. As the elusive fourth built, her thigh muscles began to twitch and shake and she involuntarily began to hold her breath. She chased down the elusive orgasm, this was going to happen, Sara thought.


The elusive fourth orgasm, escaped. Sara let the vibrator slip from her fingers. Sara felt frustrated, and wanting at the same time. Her legs felt leaden, her breathing returned to normal. As Sara’s head began to clear from the fog of sex, she opened her eyes and found him looking at her.

“Why did you make me stop?” Sara asked not trying to keep the frustration from her voice.

“Control,” said in that same even tone, before he turned around and left the room.



On the edge of an orgasm, for how long Sara did not know. Her arms cuffed to the headboard, the cuffs connected to long black straps, also attached to the headboard held her legs up. A spreader bar kept her legs apart. Sara looked to the right and left, her head being the only part of her body under her control.

He knew Sara’s exact moment between edge of orgasm and orgasm. He never stopped with tongue, fingers, vibrator or a combination, keeping her on edge. Later, when he slid a large dildo into her pussy and his tongue on her clit, Sara panted and sweated with desire and anticipation.

Sara needed this orgasm and he would not let her cum or untie her. Kept on the edge of orgasm made thinking straight difficult. Sara’s pussy ached with need; he fingered her while using a bullet vibrator on her clit. Sara felt and heard the wetness of her pussy each time his finger thrust in and out. The sound alone turned Sara on. He had not given his permission yet. Sara hoped he did soon or she would go insane. Distracted, Sara thought he said something, if he did she missed it. Why would he not give her the release she needed?

“Ask,” he said again.

Ask, Sara thought she could do that.

“Let me cum,” Sara nearly screamed at him.

“Ask,” he said again, the calm tone frustrated her.

Sara fought through the sex fog; did she ask or did she beg?

“Can I cum?” The word cum had barely left her lips, when the orgasm slammed into her. The orgasm control her body; took her breath away, kept her eyes closed, her arms and legs in the restraints shook and jerked involuntarily, her toes cramped, and her pussy and bed underneath her were soaked.

He lowered her legs and she could not move them. He undid her arms. She heard him picking up the toys and packing away the gear.

“Now was asking so hard?”


Sara’s wrists ached from the pull of the cuffs. The ache of her wrists did not compare to the pain inflicted on her ass. Another swat from the riding crop, with him kneeling over her arms fucking her face, Sara could not see the crop, but her ass felt the effect of each swat. Holding the back of her head he buried his cock in her mouth to the back of her throat and swatted her ass with the crop four times in succession.

The crop had been his warning if she violated any of the rules. As a demonstration, he cropped her. That demonstration was enough for her to be intrigued, but not enough break his rules. Until tonight, Sara never broke any rules.

Sara came without permission. He manipulated her body, she could not stop the orgasm, and asking beforehand did not cross her mind. As she lay on the bed enjoying the orgasm, he grabbed her hands and held them over her head as he tied them to the headboard. He flipped her over onto her stomach, got of the bed, and pulled her legs over the edge of the bed. Stretched out on the bed, unable to move her arms, and her feet not touching the ground, Sara waited for him.

Suddenly, back on the bed, he knelt over her arms, grabbed her hair to pull her mouth up to his engorged cock. A new position, Sara thought, as she opened her mouth to take in his cock. Holding onto her head, he roughly shoved his cock into her mouth to the back of her throat. Sara watched his hips thrust, feeling his cock slid back and forth in her mouth. She tried to use her tongue to please him, but his rough pace kept her from forming a rhythm. Sara relaxed determined to please him and to learn this position.

Cock deep in her mouth, Sara muffled a yelp of pain, when the first swat of the crop struck her ass. She kicked her legs, in surprise and pain. Sara felt the familiar warmth of arousal flowing through her with each swat of the crop. Drool dripped down her chin as he pulled his cock back. As he thrust in, he swatted her ass with the crop. He took his time, thrust and swat. He covered every inch of her ass with the crop; the pain became less arousing. Not enough pain for Sara to use her safe word, but no longer arousing. When more muffled sounds of pain than moans came from Sara, he asked, “Have you learned your lesson?”

Sara thought his breath sounded a little ragged. She made an affirmative noise around his cock.

“Will you forget to ask to orgasm from now on?” He asked, keeping his cock lodged deep in her mouth.

Sara muffled a no sound.

“I hope not. Next time will be much worse,” he said as he thrust deep causing Sara to gag. She felt his cock swell and then he came in her mouth. Sara swallowed every drop and sucked on his cock until he pulled out. He got off the bed, released her hands and began to rub lotion over her sore ass. Sara would not forget this lesson.


Bound to the bed, blindfolded, and her right nipple hurt Sara waited. He said nothing the entire time he tied her spread eagle on the bed. Nothing as he tied the blindfold in place. Nothing as he placed a pillow under her hips and small of her back. Nothing as he pinched her nipple and attached the clamp. Nothing when she expressed the pain.

“Shit! That is cold,” Sara exclaimed when a cold drop of water splashed across her stomach.

Cold water continued to fall over her stomach, legs, and pussy. Each drop caused Sara to jump in her restraints. Sara shivered from the cold water, the water on her skin, and as the water soaked into the blankets underneath her. The first drop landed on her clamped nipple.

“Ow!” Sara shouted, as her nipple felt on fire, “That is intense.”

A drop of water landed on her other nipple a different experience. More drops fell on her breasts, the water pooled around her throat before running off her neck to form a cold puddle under her neck and shoulders. Each time a drop landed on her clamped nipple Sara jerked from the intense sensation; pain, but not in a bad way. Sara shivered and struggled to understand the sensations.

The drops stopped falling. The room was quiet. Cold, she shivered. Her clamped nipple ached.

A warm drop landed on her stomach, “What…” Sara started to say.

More drops of different sizes landed on her stomach, each drop hot and cooled to warm. The cumulative effect of the drops warmed her up. Forming a trail of warmth, the drops splashed over her thighs, legs, and feet and then her pussy. Landing above her pussy the drop felt hot, Sara hips jumped, more hot drops fell in succession over her pubic mound and pussy lips.

Sara tensed; she knew her nipples were next. The first warm drop landed on her unclamped nipple. Hot, almost burning sensation, that quickly cooled to a pleasant warmth. More drops covering her tit. The drops fell in a line to her clamped nipple. Sara tensed.

“Son of a bitch!”

She jerked and tried to move her nipple out of the way. The heat shot through her nipple to her spine. Another drop halted the cooling, instantly setting her clamped nipple on fire again. The next drops fell on her breast and neck. Sara lay there under a cooling “blanket” of wax, her clamped nipple burned and ached, and her back cold from the cold water pooled underneath her.

The drops stopped falling. The room was quiet again. Covered in goosebumps Sara tried not to focus on her clamped nipple.

Sara felt the cold near her pussy before she actually felt the cold glass dildo on her pussy lips. His warm hands spread her lips apart as the cold dildo penetrated her. The cold suffused through her loins and body. His warm finger, moistened massaged her clit. The dual sensations unexpected and exciting. Within moments, the cold turned into heat that replaced the cold. Soon, Sara’s hips were bucking, all thoughts of her clamped nipple forgotten. Heavy breaths between moans the warmth turned to sexual heat.

“May I cum?” Sara asked between moans.



Mid-afternoon, footsteps echoing down the mall hallway Sara was horny. With each step, her horniness increased. The text [No panties. Flower Ben-Wa balls in. Short skirt.].greeted Sara when she woke. He enjoyed sending her instructions and today was turning into an instruction-filled day.

[Drive to Northside Mall and find Lacy Things] got Sara out of the house and on the road to the mall, dressed as instructed. Sitting at the light, her phone chirped; [Remove bra for day. Take pic of tits. Send. 10 minutes]. Sara did not wonder how he knew she wore a bra. She focused on finding a place to pull over to follow the instructions.

Bra on the passenger seat, Sara lifted up her shirt, stuck the phone up her shirt and took the photo. The picture looked okay, she hit send and back on the road to the mall.

Exiting her car, Sara enjoyed the breeze up her skirt. Heading inside, her phone chirped [Public location. Pussy pic. Send. 10 minutes]. Unsure of where Lacy Things was located, Sara stood in front of the map kiosk. As she found Lacy Things on the map, Sara noticed the mall was not as crowded as she had expected.

Walking towards Lacy Things Sara kept an eye out for a location to take her photo. The movements of the ben-wa balls, the effort to keep them in, and being commando had his desired effect; Sara was anxious, horny, and well lubricated. Checking her phone, she only had a few more minutes before time expired. A cluster of comfortable looking chairs sat around a table looked good. Sitting down Sara set her phone on the table, the camera facing her, and spread her legs hoping nobody walking by would look her way. The picture was dark, not good enough. Adjusting the camera, Sara sat forward, legs apart, skirt gathered around her hips, and took the photo. Two people walking past the chairs did a double take, but by the time they looked again, Sara sat back in the chair arms and purse covering her lap. Checking the photo Sara was pleased, her wet lips were plainly visible as was the blush of color she got when aroused and she was very aroused.

She sent the picture and spent a few minutes casually arranging herself before standing up. Sara smelt Lacy Things before she found the storefront, suppressing a sneezing she went inside, immediately spotting a pair of lacy panties. Her phone chirped.

[Dressing room. Ten second video Masturbation. No orgasm. 5 minutes.]

Grabbing the panties and a few other items, she headed to the dressing room. Throwing the items on the bench, Sara hiked up her skirt and sat down. She was wet enough that the first ben-wa ball slide out. Sara pushed the ball back in, her finger brushing against her clit, sending a jolt through her body. She put a finger on either side of her clit and gave her clit a few rubs. The feeling was electric. Women entered the dressing area snapping her out of her reverie. Sara held the phone in one hand and resumed touching herself. Her fingers slid through her creamy wetness, dipping two fingers inside her pussy pushing against the ben-wa balls, Sara almost came. She turned off the video function, and sent the video.

Leaning back, Sara stroked her pussy. Quickly, her fingers parted her soaked lips and found her clit. A few strokes along the side of her clit and Sara’s eyes rolled back in pleasure. A slip and a slide later, and two of Sara’s fingers buried themselves in her sopping pussy pushing the ben-wa balls against her g-spot. The sounds of her fingers plunging in and out edged Sara closer to orgasm. Her clit throbbed painfully and her pussy clenched hard onto her fingers. Her phone chirped and chirped again. Sara froze. The sexual tension got a new edge.

[Do not move hand in pussy].

[Send pic immediately.]

How did he know? Sara obeyed; taking a pic of her fingers buried two knuckles deep in her creamy, crimson pussy. She pulled her fingers out of her pussy. Frustrated Sara needed relief immediately. Chirp.

[Do not cum until I command you too!]

Determined, horny, and frustrated Sara left the dressing room and headed for her car. She was going to get her needs taken care of now.

First Step

In the quiet of his house, the crack of his hand on her bare flesh sounded like a gunshot. Horny to distraction, Sara left Lacy Things determined to get him to get her off. In her mind, he put her in this highly agitated state and he should damn well take care of her. At least that was her mindset when she knocked on his door. A slight moment of doubt as he opened the door.

He did not look mad. Stepping aside, he invited her to come in. Before she could turn around plant a passionate kiss on his face, he grabbed her hands and cuffed them behind her back. With his foot, he shut the door and took Sara by the elbow to the couch. Standing behind her, he yanked the skirt to her feet. Sitting on the couch he roughly pulled her over his knees. This is ridiculous Sara thought, I am a grown wom…

Crack! The first of several decisive spanks took her breath away. Pain radiated across her ass and loins. He grabbed her hair as she tried to get off his lap and held her in place while spanking her ass. Humiliation burned her face. Worse Sara found herself aroused more than ever; her pussy clenched around the ben-wa balls.

Not a word from him while he spanked her. Her ass burned and stung. Distracted by the pain Sara did not realize he used his hand to spread her legs apart. His fingers found her swollen and wet clit. A few strokes and with a gush of pussy juices and the ben-wa balls Sara came hard. Sara almost blacked out from pleasure. Two quick, sharp spanks brought her back to reality. His fingers went back to work on her clit.

“Ask!” He commanded.

His fingers slid easily into her dripping hole. Rubbing her clit and fingering left Sara out of breath. She knew she was going to cum quickly and she had to ask, but…

“May I?” She asked between breaths.


She shuddered and moaned as if her life depended upon it. She crushed his fingers in her pussy. He kept up the pressure and another orgasm rode in as this orgasm ended. Sara could barely catch her breath, let along get out the question…

“May…” Her breath exploded out of her that “may” sounded guttural and urgent than a word.


Lost in pleasure and non-stop orgasms, Sara did not realize he no longer spanked her or held her hair; she stayed over his knees on her own. So lost in the pleasure he gave her, she did not protest when he inserted a finger into her ass. Her whole body felt on fire, drenched in sweat and her juices. Eyes lodged firmly in the back of her head, her legs twitched, and her mouth hung open moaning and breathing.

“Yes,” he said without waiting for the question.

Sara blacked out.

She found herself arms bound behind her in a large wet spot on the floor next to the couch. Thighs sore, ass stung, and her pussy ached and throbbed. Next to her in a pile her skirt and ben-wa balls. He was nowhere in sight.


“I want you to think about this before responding,” he said to her in his even voice.

Sara nodded her head. After dinner, they returned to his place where he made the offer that changed her life. He commanded her to strip in front of him. She complied, not understanding why she did. Sara usually did what she was told to or expected to do, that was how he knew she would make a good submissive, once trained of course. She stood in front of him naked and he asked her questions about what she wanted.

Sara snapped out of the past as he walked past her lying on the floor. He looked down at her bound nude body and continued into another room.

In the past, Sara would have been humiliated if seen in her present condition. Today, lying naked and bound after a spanking on the floor was another step in her growth. His training made her comfortable with nudity.

“You will do as I command, when I command, without question or complaint,” he said to her.

“Yes. I understand,” Sara replied.

“We shall see. Masturbate,” he commanded.

Standing there, touching herself, Sara almost grabbed her clothing and bolted from his home. She stayed and stood in front of him touching herself. He left the room, Sara unsure what to do and feeling embarrassed stopped. He came back and stood behind her, where he encouraged her to continue. When she was having trouble standing, she leaned against him. She came to him whispering encouragement into her ears.

She came back to the present as he untied her arms. Flexing her arms she looked around; he had placed her skirt and ben-wa balls on the couch. A long mirror lay a few feet from her and next to the mirror was the Hitachi Magic Wand.

“You seemed lost in thought,” he said, “I have something I want you to see.”

He walked over to the top of the mirror.

“Crawl,” he commanded. “Put your hands here and your legs here,” pointing where he wanted Sara to stop.

On all fours over the mirror, Sara looked at her reflection while waiting his next command.

“Watch your face. Do not close your eyes,” he commanded.

Using the mirror Sara watched him sit behind her and pick up the Magic Wand. He turned the wand on and with one hand on her ass placed the rapidly vibrating head against her clit. Sara moaned.

“Watch,” he commanded.

Sara watched her face contort as the orgasm built. Her mouth open in an O when she moaned or a grimace that looked like pain when the vibrator touched off a wave of pleasure. Soon enough her hips were bucking and her limbs began to shake. Sara watched her face turn red, and her labored breathing. Watched her mouth open for moans and groans. And as a powerful orgasm shook her body she watched herself come. He turned off the vibrator and Sara sat on her heels, a puddle of her juices coated the mirror.

“Reflect on the now, not the past,” he said.


The blouse fell to the floor. Sara looked around the women’s clothing section of Off Target. Nobody noticed her jump or heard the buzzing. Sara’s face flushed, not from embarrassment, although there was some, but from excitement. Earlier in the day de commanded her wear the remote vibrating panties and the anticipation was arousing. Or should have been arousing, but three hours later Sara forgot she was wearing them. Then…powerful vibrations and a muffled buzzing from her crotch. She almost doubled over from shock and sensation, the vibrator pushed tight against her clit; Sara did not like direct clit stimulation, but there was nothing she could do about that now.

Picking up the blouse, Sara stood up, which pushed the vibrator tighter against her clit. Could other people hear the buzzing? A wave of pleasure washed over her, she stifled a moan, pretending to look at other blouses on the rack while one hand went white knuckle grabbing a clothing rack rail. Her knees shook. Sara knocked some blouses off the rack.

“Are you okay?” an Off Target sales associate asked.

Focused on the impending orgasm, Sara had not noticed the sales associate approach. Her knees buckling, Sara squatted and tried to moan quietly. Squatting pushed the vibrator even tighter into her pussy sending her over the edge. Several more blouses fell to the floor. The sales associate reached for Sara’s shoulders. Sara bit down on her fist to prevent another orgasmic moan from escaping. As suddenly as the buzzing started, the buzzing ended. The sales associate touch startled Sara back to reality.

“I’m fine,” Sara said as she picked up a few of the blouses, “A dizzy spell, nothing more.”


Naked, legs folded underneath her, naked, Sara waited for direction. He had been in an online conversation for a half-an-hour. He only made monosyllabic noises, which she took as approval or disapproval of the course of the conversation. Sara tried to remain attentive.

Looking over her shoulder, she followed the chain from her collar underneath his desk to his erect cock. Sara longed to have his cock. Without direction, she risked punishment. Suppressing a sigh and fidgeting, Sara waited. He grunted another monosyllabic noise of approval; at least he was in a good mood.

A tug on her collar. Followed by a second firmer tug. Sara snapped to attention. On her hands and knees, Sara crawled under the desk and positioned herself between his legs, his thick cock in front of her wanting mouth. He pulled on the chain, until there was no slack and her lips rested against his cock. He made a disapproval noise.

Sara opened her mouth, engulfing the head of his cock. Shifting the table, she wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft, pumping and twisting as she sucked and swirled her tongue over his cock head. The chain remained taunt, collar pulled at her throat. Sara leaned forward easing the strain of the collar and allowing her to take more of his cock in her mouth. He remained silent. She continued pumping and twisting with her hand while licking, and swirling with her tongue. Having him in her mouth felt great. However, without any reaction from him Sara began to have doubts.

The chain went slack. As he started to stand up Sara let go of his cock and waited. He walked around the desk, she watched hum walk past and then the chain went taunt again. She followed on her hands and knees. Stopping next to the leather couch, he gathered the chain in his fist, pulling Sara up by the collar. He held his hand out, taking Sara’s hand and pulled her to her feet. For a brief moment, they stood eye-to-eye.

Grabbing her shoulder and he spun her around to face the couch. With his hand on her back, he pushed Sara over the arm of the couch. He threaded the chain under the couch and pulled the chain taunt pressing her face into the leather cushion. Grabbing her arms, he pulled them alongside her head and locked them into cuffs. Less than a minute later, he secured her legs in place. Bent over the arm of the couch Sara felt very exposed. He had yet to say a word.

With her ass high in the air, she expected a spanking, his gentle touch surprised her more than a spanking. Unable to move, Sara relaxed and enjoyed his gentle caresses.

Crack! Sara shouted in pain. A second blow to the same spot. Tears shot from Sara’s eyes. This was pain. Another blow. Then three more on the other cheek. Her ass was on fire.

“Remember this,” he said, “Do not lose focus. Training will become difficult soon.”

As he resumed caressing her ass, Sara felt the heat trapped under his hand. Slowly the pain faded into pleasure as he continued stroking her ass. His caresses moved down her ass to her pussy, he slid a finger into her moist pussy. Several thrusts later, he stroked her clit with his wet fingers. His deft touch had her on the quickly on the edge of an orgasm. Sara came, moaning into the leather cushion, her hips bucking as much as they could.

She heard the front door open and close. He was talking to a man. Sara struggled to no avail; she did not want another man to see her exposed like this. The conversation got louder as they approached. Sara panicked. The conversation died they walked up to the couch.

“I am impressed,” a deeper male voice said.

Sara wanted to close her legs. Sara wanted to get up.

“May I?” The other male asked.

He said nothing.

A thick, rough finger ran over her pussy, dipping into her wetness. Sara heard how wet she was as the finger penetrated her; the sound aroused her. The pace of the fingering increased, she felt his hand push up against her pussy as his finger penetrated deep. Whomever was fingering knew what they were doing. Sara moaned loudly A bullet vibrator against the side of her clit joined the finger. Her juices soaked her crotch, the sounds of his finger thrusting in and out of her drove Sara even closer to the edge. Sara moaned louder. She moved her hips to give the finger better access.

Breathing heavily, on the verge of an orgasm, Sara heard the other man say, “She really is as responsive as you said.”

Quick, sharp, breaths released in a gasps, the orgasm took Sara. She tried to regain her breath, wondering who… Crack! A solid spank caused her to shout out in pain..

“She isn’t as obedient as I hoped,” the other man said, “she did not ask to be allowed to orgasm.”

Sara heard a zipper being undone and clothing hit the floor. Before she could think about who, a cock larger than His pushed its way into her soaking wet, but tight pussy. The position and the size of the cock felt full and stretched. She gritted her teeth as the cock buried itself into her. Rough hands grasped her hips tightly as the man behind her pulled himself out of her and thrust back into her pussy vigorously. He grunted with each thrust. The fucking sounds turned Sara on. Each thrust jolted her entire body, shaking the couch, her pussy was sore from the pounding.

Without warning, the cock was gone, and they left her alone. Eventually she heard the front door shut and he returned.

“You did well. Remain focused and you will do well,” he said.

As he released her from the couch he said, “Use what is on the bed to get dressed. We have a show to attend.”

Show Time

Wearing the short black dress and nothing else, Sara stood with him in front of a dark red metallic door, as he entered a code to enter what looked like an abandoned warehouse. A loud click and the door opened. They stepped into pitch black, no visual cues, only soft music playing somewhere inside. Slowly details took shape: black carpeting, black curtains on the walls, black ceiling, and tiny lights on the floor and ceiling every few feet. He took her hand as he led the way.

He led her down one black curtain lined hallway and then another, the music got louder and she could hear other people. Suddenly stopping, he pulled a curtain aside and gestured for her to step through. A small cubicle with a black leather couch, and black end table with a candle in the center were beyond the curtain. Standing next to the couch, Sara noticed another black curtain formed the opposite wall.

He stood behind her hands on her shoulders as she took the experience in; the music was much louder, and the noises of people clearer. He subtly moved her next to the couch. He grabbed her dress and pulled it over her head leaving her naked.

“Sit,” he whispered into her ear.

The black curtain pulled aside and a bluish light flooded the room. Sara closed her eyes for a moment. He sat down next to Sara. Arranged in front of them on a low stage was a chair, two cages, and a rack of whips, paddles, and other equipment Sara could not identify. The music quieted down, the lights dimmed, and went out.

The atmosphere in the building changed, the show was about to begin. A spotlight illuminated a woman walking onto the stage. The echo of her high-heeled black boots on the floor sounding like a slap. The tall woman wore a black thong and the boots. Sara admired the woman’s athletic body. Standing in the center of the stage the woman bowed to each corner of the room. With a single fluid motion, the woman grabbed a whip off the rack and cracked the whip. Sara jumped.

Two spotlights illuminated the cages. Inside each cage was an individual, dressed like a lion. Each of them roared, shouted, shook the cages, and swung at the woman. She took a step back feigning fear at their performance. The whip cracked, both “lions” quieted. Stepping forward, she opened the door to one cage, the “lion” lunged, and she stomped her foot down, the crack sound of her heel striking the platform deafening. The “lion” paused. She cracked the whip above the “lion’s” cage and pointed in a commanding way to a darkened area of the platform.

Eyes glued to the Tamer, Sara watched the performance. The male “lion” strapped to a table on his back, legs held up in the air by straps from the ceiling while the female “lion” wearing a large strap-on simultaneously fucked him while jerking him off. Sara thought he would protest or be in pain, but his moans and roars of pleasure echoed throughout building announced otherwise. While the female “lion” fucked, the Tamer walked around the platform looking at the audience. She stopped in front of their private booth.

The whip cracked. The Tamer pointed imperiously at Sara. The Tamer turned and pointed at other places Sara could not see. She looked over at him; he smiled back and sipped from his drink. On stage, stagehands in head to toe black outfits quickly assembled a series of squares in descending height against the edge of the table. The male “lion” remained strapped to the table, his legs in the air. The female “lion” on all fours at the Tamer’s feet, drank from a bowl on the platform.

Pairs of arms descended on Sara from behind. Two stood her and pulled her to the stage. Nearly in a panic, Sara looked around, there were other naked people brought to the stage. All of them had the same “What the…” look on their faces. Put on their knees, five people including Sara looked up at the Tamer as she looked down at them, displeasure and amusement on her face. The whip cracked over their heads. All of them jumped at the sound.

“Attention!” The Tamer commanded.

Everyone sat up on their knees, hips forward and back arched, except for Sara who sat up. The female “lion” on her knees, hips forward, a giant purple cock wobbling between her legs, arched her back finishing the display pose. The whip cracked over their heads again.

“That one and that one,” the Tamer said pointing at two men at one end of the row, “and her,” pointing at Sara.

The whip cracked and stagehands lifted the three of them to their feet pushing them onto the stage. The female “lion” followed on all fours and Tamer followed her directing stagehands with an imperious point of the handle of the whip.

With the handle of the whip, Tamer pointed at Sara, and then directed her to climb the blocks to the tallest one against the edge of the table where the male “lion” remained. Obediently on all fours, Sara climbed up the blocks. Sara found herself face to cock with the male “lion.” He smelled of sex; Sara guessed what was going to happen, but did not want to take any chances. Crack of the whip.

“Horse!” Tamer commanded. Hushed noises from the unseen audience.

Sara turned to look and found herself face-to-face with a stagehand who was attaching cuffs to her hands and legs. She could not see what was happening. She tried to move, but the cuffs held her arms in place and her legs apart. The stagehands moved off and Sara watch one then men struggling as stagehands secured him on his stomach to a modified sawhorse. His struggles looked real. Tamer strode across the stage gunshots ringing out with each step. Crack! A red welt on the man’s ass. He jumped and shouted. Crack! Another red welt. Crack! A third, then fourth. Distracted by the scene, Sara did not notice the male “lion” sit up, his veiny and engorged cock pointed at her mouth.

“Pleasure train!” Tamer commanded, striding over to Sara. The unseen audience cheered.

Tamer reached under the table edge and pulled out a collar with two short chains attached to the side of the collar and back to the table. She put the collar on Sara, pulling Sara’s face against male “lion’s” cock. She leaned close to Sara’s ear.


Obedient, Sara opened her mouth and the head of male “lion’s” cock hit the back of her throat before she could think. Sara gagged; her eyes teared up. His “paws” grabbed her head as wasted no time thrusting his cock deep into her mouth. Bigger rougher than him she coughed and gagged. Sara tried to use her tongue, but found it best to open her mouth and let him do the work.

Someone got between her spread legs and pulled out the ben-wa balls; one by one each ball causing Sara to moan and shiver with pleasure. The audience, the only noise Sara could hear, roared and cheered as male “lion” stood up and fucked her face with wild abandon. The last ball slid out and something large penetrated her throbbing and sopping pussy as hands grabbed her hips pulling her back. Sara rocked back and forth between male “lion” fucking her face and whomever was fucking her from behind. The attention drove Sara into another place. In this place, only pleasure. Sara did not notice male “lion” grip her head tighter or thrusting harder, she swallowed his cock and his hot cum. His cock gone, Sara’s mouth hung open, drool dripping over her lips. A new set of legs, another hard cock, without thought Sara took him into her mouth. Sara came a third time right before he pulled his cock out and shot his load over her face. The rocking continued…

Sara came to on the stage. A blanket draped over her and female “lion” nearby with a glass of water.

“You were amazing,” she said to Sara.

Sara nodded. She could she Him talking to two people. He looked over his shoulder at her and smiled.


Exhausted, but feeling energized, Sara remembered very little about dinner after the show. A new dress, many plates of food placed before her and taken away, other people at dinner with them, and falling asleep in the car.

Standing in front of her refrigerator Sara read a note, “Scrambled eggs, bacon, and two slices of toast.” Breakfast sounded good, Sara began to make herself breakfast. Eggs along with a bit of milk were waiting to go into a pan on the stove when a pair of hands grabbed her hips from behind.

“Do not turn around,” He whispered, “finish breakfast.”

Sara’s hands went to the stovetop to keep from falling over when he pulled her hips towards him. With his foot, he nudged her legs apart, she had an image of a cop frisking her, and she smiled at the thought. Wasting no time, one hand went to her pussy. Parting her sore lips, he circled her clit, eliciting a pleasurable sigh from Sara.

“Eggs,” he said.

He increased pressure and speed on her clit. Sara closed her eyes, her knees buckled, but he kept her upright. Opening her eyes, trying to stay focused on breakfast; she turned the burner on and put the pan over the flame. Focusing directly on her clit, he kept up the speed, eliciting more moans from Sara. Steadying herself, Sara poured the eggs into the pan, stirring with a fork. As the eggs congealed, her orgasm built. Grabbing the stovetop, moaning as his assault on her clit continued. The scent of eggs, bacon, and sex mingled in the kitchen. His finger on her clit slowed down, keeping Sara on edge. The need to orgasm consumed her.

“Bacon,” he said.

Sara dumped the scrambled eggs onto a plate. Leaning forward, she opened the oven and he plunged his cock into her swollen pussy. Sara gasped. Sara took out the bacon. She closed the oven door. Holding her hips tight ramming his cock in and out of her rapidly. With every moan and groan, she inhaled the smell of bacon, closing her eyes she enjoyed the fucking.

“May I,” Sara gasped.

“Yes,” he said.

Pussy clenching his cock, Sara came. She screamed, relishing the orgasm and scent of bacon. His fingers dug painfully into her hips as he ruthlessly fucked her over the oven. Sara pushed back against him, pushing his cock deeper inside her. With a shout, he plunged into her pussy hard enough that Sara had to grab the oven to keep from bumping into it. She felt him pulsing inside her.

“Let’s eat,” he said as he pulled out of her.

After breakfast and a shower, Sara found him sitting on the edge of her bed. He held up a pair of nipple clips with bells on the end and a set of ben-wa balls on a string. They drove in silence to Tsuro’s, a sushi restaurant. Leading her into the restaurant, she heard the tingling of the nipple clamp bells with each step. The hostess bowed and led them to their table. Sara saw another person at the table. Looking to him, he said nothing only gestured for her to take the lead. The hostess stopped at the table, gesturing for Sara to sit and then for him to sit.

The look of surprise on Sara’s face was obvious, across from her, the Tamer. Dressed in a business suit, Tamer nodded at Sara before picking a piece of sushi and consuming it in one bite. Smiling, she greeted him.

“Eat,” he said to Sara.

Sara marveled at the spread of sushi on the table. She took her time choosing her first piece, listening in on their conversation.

“…time for her to learn more…”


“…with my permission…”

“…she will learn…”

As the conversation continued, Sara felt change in the air. Fear and excitement warred in her chest. She knew she had to wait, that was her role. The conversation between Tamer and him over,he turned to her and hugged her.

“Do as she says. I will return,” he said.

Sara too shocked to say anything watched as he got up and left the restaurant, never looking back. Sara worked to stifle the threating waterworks. She looked to Tamer. Tamer smiled back.

“I am your new Mistress,” she said before consuming another piece of sushi.

Sara opened her mouth to protest.

“You may protest,” Tamer began, “but if you do, the arrangement you had with him, now me, is over.”

“But..,” Sara began.

Sara’s mind spun, she wanted to learn more. She desired more. She… closed her mouth and waited.

“Excellent. You will stay with me for the next month,” as Tamer said this she placed a small box on the table pushing it over to Sara with a well-manicured finger, “As your first task you will use what is inside, here at the table.”

Apprehensive, excited, and curious Sara opened the small box. Laying on black velvet, a tiny tube of lubricant and a small tapered buttplug. Sara looked up a Tamer, no readable expression on her face. Sara thought for a moment…picked up the box and put it on her lap under the table. Customers and wait staff were all around.

She hiked up her dress as casually as she could, staring at Tamer’s face. Staring back, Tamer continued to eat. Sara scooted forward in the chair and spread her legs. She undid the cap on the lube, squirting an amount into her hand, and applied the lube to the buttplug. Sara hesitated. Tamer’s right eyebrow went up, her only expression thus far. Sara set the box on the table, only the lube inside. She looked around; everyone seemed occupied with their lunch and lives. Draping the cloth napkin over her lap, Sara raised herself up, moved her dress aside, and placed the buttplug against her ass. The rounded and lubed tip did not penetrate easily, Sara pushed harder, feeling the buttplug enter her ass and then it was in. Sara sat back down to a new sensation.

“Good,” Tamer said, “finish eating and then you start your training.”

-End The Training of Sara Arc 1-