Purpose & Future


I’m Nate. I am Research Monkey PHD’s boss. This is my second portfolio. You can read about the first portfolio here * and a bit about how this one came to be. The purpose of this portfolio is two-fold: one, if someone wants to see the “best” of me or at least what I think is currently the best they can come here to see that; two, for students who want to see a different style of portfolio, this is here for them.

The future of this portfolio will be as follows:

As this is a portfolio, I do not need to add content every day. I should update this site regularly, with that in mind I am wrapping up the initial batch of content for students and myself. After that, roughly once a month I will revisit the content here to remove or add content. Content will be added as Pages. I may create a Post announcing the changes to the site.

* Here, Speaking Out on Life, is where I write daily.